Colosseum Tour: Third tier, Hypogeum, Porta Libitinaria

Colosseum Tour: Third tier, Hypogeum, Porta Libitinaria - Rome

Colosseum Tour: Third tier, Hypogeum, Porta Libitinaria. The third tier of the stands has been opened, after the first session of restoration, which gives us back almost the full perception of the landmark. From there visitors enjoy an extraordinary view over the inner space of the Coliseum and the whole city of Rome. The ability to access to the upper ring is essential to understand the relationship between the Coliseum and the wide monumental area of the Forum, the other monuments of imperial Rome as well as the whole urban network. The other vast space made available to visitors once again is the underground level, which will be accessed from the section that includes the Porta Libitinaria, that was also restored. The descent into the hypogeum will allow visitors to add a fundamental part of the site to the visit, as it was here where the wild beasts, that were caught from farthest corners of the Empire, were brought and the gladiators stood and prepared for combat in the arena.
Duration: about 1:30h.
Once the tour is over, you can visit on your own the Palatine and the Roman Forum with the same voucher

The entry to the third ring and to the hypogeum is allowed only to groups accompanied by an authorized tour guide.

The reservation is required and includes the admission fee and the group guided tour.



Full price ticket: 30.00 euro
Reduced price ticket: 25.50 euro
Free ticket: 18.00 euro
Free ticket, under the age of 12: 9.00 euro

No tickets needed for children under the age of 2 held in parents' arms.

Reduced price ticket:
- European Union Citizens between the ages of 18 and 25
- European Union Citizens school teachers (must have a document or ID that identifies them as a full time teacher

Free ticket:
- Children between the ages of 12 and 18

Free ticket, under the age of 12:
- Children under the age of 12


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SPANISH: at 11,00 - 13,00 - 16,00*

ITALIAN: at 10,20 - 12,00 - 12,40 - 15,00*

* Time available from April to October