Guided tour of the Domus Aurea with virtual reality

Guided tour of the Domus Aurea with virtual reality - Rome Museum

Guided tour of the Domus Aurea with virtual reality. A guided tour that will allow you to travel in time! You will have the opportunity to admire the impressive residence of Nero in all its splendor, thanks to the help of virtual reality.
Thanks to the use of the "Oculus Rift", you can see the transformation of a wet and dark construction site into a sumptuous and elegant residence, with walls decorated in gold, precious marble and majestic vaults enriched with precious stones.
A twelve-stage itinerary that includes an emotional projection on the Domus Aurea history and a virtual reality installation in the Sala della Volta Dorata.
Let yourself be transported to an ancient, rich and magical world, you will be enchanted by the clear contrast between what was and what is.

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  • Guided tour of the Domus Aurea
    with virtual reality + Rome Map
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Ticket prices:
full ticket 14.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; reduced ticket 10.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; free ticket 0.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €.

Free ticket under 6 years old:
- Children under 6 years old have to be inserted in the reservation

Warning: It is not recommended the prolonged use of the "oculus rift" for children under 13.
It is completely discouraged for those who suffer from epilepsy or serious eye diseases.
It is recommended the use of comfortable shoes and windbreakers. The itinerary is partially accessible to wheelchairs.

The multimedia itinerary videos of the visits in French and Spanish will be in English or Italian.

No exchange, refund or cancellation of reservation is allowed