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Thermae of Caracalla - Tomb of Cecilia Metella - Quintili's Villa

Thermae of Caracalla

The ticket allow you to visit all three sites and is valid for 7 days.

Thermae of Caracalla
The Thermae Antoninianae, is one of the largest and best preserved examples of an ancient public bath. It was constructed under the Emperor Caracalla and exhibits the rectangular shape typical of Imperial spa centres.
The spa itself was not simply a place for bathing, sport and health, it was also a place of study and for relaxing. Around the centre of the structure the various parts of the spa are found in the following order: the “Calidarium”, the “Tepidarium”, the “Frigidarium” and the “Natatio”. There are also other zones and areas to be found around the two gymnasiums.

Tomb of Cecilia Metella
This monument was constructed during the Reign of Emperor of Augustus in honour of Cecilia Metella, daughter of a Roman consul. It is a circular mausoleum raised on a square base, similar to that of Augustus himself, only smaller. In 1303 it was incorporated into the Castrum Caetani and became the principal tower of the fortification.

Quintili's Villa
The Quintili's Villa was the largest and most luxurious residence of the Roman “suburbium”. The original nucleus belonged to the Quintili brothers, consuls in 151 A.D., and was enlarged when the villa became imperial property under the emperor Commodus who loved living here for the peaceful countryside and the villa’s Thermae. The monumental complex stands over the Roman countryside and offers a panorama that through time has inspired many famous artists.

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The ticket allow you to visit all three sites and is valid for 7 days.


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Useful Information


Thermae of Caracalla - closed on Monday afternoon, open from 9.00 am.
Tomb of Cecilia Metella - closed on Monday, open from 9.00 am.
Quintili's Villa - closed on Monday, open from 9.00.

These three archaeological sites close one hour before sunset. depending on the season:
March 30 - August 31 closes 7.15 pm
September 1 - September 30 closes 7.00 pm
October 1 - October 30 closes at 6.30 pm
October 31 - February 15 closes at 4.30 pm
February 16 - March 15 closes 5.00 pm

Address and Map

Thermae of Caracalla: Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 52
Tomb of Cecilia Metella: Via Appia Antica, 161
Quintili's Villa: Via Appia Nuova, 1092

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Scheduled exhibitions inside the museums:

Thermae of Caracalla: no exhibition scheduled.

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