After hours Visits to the Vatican Museums
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Close is happy to organize After hours Visits inside the Vatican Museums!

After hours Visits to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

This very special, privileged visit to the Vatican is organized just for your group after the Museums close to the general public. Every day thousands of people visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Our After hours visits let you experience the Vatican Museums as you always wanted, without the noisy and pushy crowds. Your group’s visit to the Museums will be an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience!

Vatican Museums’ authorized guides will lead your group through the imposing hallways to see the priceless masterpieces that are housed therein. The 3 hour tour is led in the language (or languages) of your choice. If your group has any special interests or would like to focus on certain sections of the Museums please let us know as your guides will personalize the tour just for you.

The After hours visit includes a stop in the world famous Sistine Chapel. Picture your group alone in the silence of the captivating Sistine Chapel. This is the perfect atmosphere for contemplating Michelangelo’s bold frescoes among the most famous and important artworks in the world.


Please send an email to with your request specifying the date and the number of people in your group, and we will respond with the cost for your party and additional details. In calculating the cost of the service, the number of people in your party are taken into account as the Vatican must supply a certain number of security personnel depending on the number of visitors.


This service is recommended for very exclusive events or conventions that are organized by large businesses or groups. Because this service is exclusive and highly requested, all requests must be sent as far in advance as possible. The minimum advance request time is 2 months. The After hours visit starts in the late afternoon, after the closure of the Vatican Museums to the public.

Booking: please send an email to